Conrad Sick



VALEO (Latin), v. [vah-lay-o]  to be strong; to be vigorous; to be powerful; to be effective; to prevail’ to succeed; to be influential; to be of value. 


Conrad Sick oversees all aspects of project acquisitions and development. He plays a critical role in building and maintaining acquisition relationships, project conceptualization and programming during all stages of the development process, and serves as a liaison to the private investors/developer sponsors. An acknowledged leader in the development and construction of university housing for students and faculty/staff, Conrad has earned a reputation for single purpose student housing acquisitions, planning and problem-solving in the arenas of on and off-campus housing.  During more than 30 years in the real estate industry, he has gained extensive experience in the acquisitions, planning, development, construction and marketing of a broad spectrum of affordable and market-rate, for-sale and rental housing, residential conversion and rehabilitation and community development projects. He also has wide range of experience in multi-family housing, urban and mixed-use development, re development and in the planning of age qualified senior housing.