About Valeo

Valeo focuses primarily on for-sale housing and single purpose, off campus student housing for private investors within the western United States.

Valeo provides a broad range of development programs including urban and cottage style student housing, as well as for-sale housing, horizontal retail, commercial and complex vertical mixed-use projects. 

Valeo’s principals are experienced in all aspects of real estate development, including initial project formulation, property and asset acquisitions, community planning and implementation, entitlement, market research, economic impact analysis, finance, construction, sales, leasing, and customer service. 

Valeo’s experience showcases numerous market rate for-sale housing and on and off campus university housing projects including: the University of Arizona, La Aldea; the University of Northern Arizona, Pine Ridge Village; California State University Fullerton, University Gables; California State University, Channel Islands, Anacapa and Santa Cruz student Villages; the University of California, Santa Cruz, Ranch View Terrace; The District’s Urban Housing in Tucson Arizona, Tempe Arizona and Fort Collins, Colorado; The Retreat Cottages in Tucson Arizona and Eugene Oregon; Sunport Cottages in Albuquerque, New Mexico; The Olive Street Urban Housing in Eugene Oregon, and The University Street Urban housing in Riverside, California.

VALEO (Latin), v. [vah-lay-o]  to be strong; to be vigorous; to be powerful; to be effective; to prevail’ to succeed; to be influential; to be of value.