Ranch View Terrace

45 SFD Homes
Santa Cruz, CA

Valeo’s principals have developed and constructed for-sale housing as both market and affordable homes for universities. Valeo and their associates understand the economic, design and entitlement considerations inherent with each project.

These projects are a partial list of projects Valeo Principals have developed in all or in part.  The list is not all inclusive but rather presents an example to give the reader a sense of our background, experience and capabilities. 

VALEO (Latin), v. [vah-lay-o]  to be strong; to be vigorous; to be powerful; to be effective; to prevail’ to succeed; to be influential; to be of value.


University Gables

86 SFD & SFA Homes

Buena Park, CA

University Heights

42 Paried Homes

Fullerton, CA

Amberly Place

36 Attached Homes

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Project Profiles

For-Sale Housing

For Sale Development Services

River Road

48 Homes

Coroana, CA